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In this book, the knowledge that I have been acquiring for years is dumped. Developing magic projects where electronics were used. After thinking about it a lot, I have decided to share all this knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning.

I have tried to make the content of the book as pleasant as possible, without much hassle, going directly to the point and including everything necessary so that you can carry out the projects presented in the book, in a few minutes. Apart from the electronic schematics, you have the videos, programming codes and even the links to the electronic components that you need.

Presentation of the magic book with electronics

In this video you can discover the contents of the book and decide to buy it.

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Access to telegram group

Through this link you can access the telegram group, where you can get in touch with all those interested in this book. Click -> here.

Access to the private part of the book

Here you have access to the diagrams, programming files, explanatory videos of the projects and where to buy the necessary components to make the projects.

To access you have to have the book purchased and have contacted me to give you access..

Any problem, you can contact me by whatsapp, telegram o email

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